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Why Break Up?

 You are unhappy most of the time.
 None of your friends like them.
 You are the worst version of you.

There comes a time in most relationships where you want out, for a variety of valid reasons:

Fell out of love Cheating 
Bad sex Abuse
Closed mind Honesty / Trust
Turned gay  Thin skin 
Drug addiction  Jealousy 
Anger  Humiliation 
Money issues  Bad with kids 
Lazy / Messy Smells funny 
Invited their mom to move in
It can be traumatic to send that breakup text. Let us do it for you!
As an added bonus, we will put a positive and creative spin on your breakup. Examples:
Soft approach:
"I'm looking at our relationship and I feel thankful for all the time we have spent together and all I have learned from you..."

Sarcastic approach:
"It's not me, it's you... and that's a good thing. It means you are now free to find someone who is in your league, so you can really be yourself and your new, uglier and dumber lover will still find you attractive!"
What if you change your mind?
It's a day later, after you have been rejected by new potential lovers and you realize you want your old lover back?
We got your back! Just tell them it was a big joke and send them to our sister site, imjustkidding.net (coming soon), who will lie for you so you can get your loser lover back for another round of drama.

Stupid Reasons Unhappy Couples Do Not Break Up
False sense of security. Most people are more comfortable with painful certainty than the unknown that life-after-the-relationship represents. Fear of being alone keeps many people in bad relationships.
Shared resources. Did you buy a house together? Worse: Did you buy a puppy or kitten together?
Children. Sadly, couples staying in a bad relationship cause more damage by exposing the children to their unhealthy interactions.
Shared friends. Are you worried about losing your friends to your mate? If they are real friends, you won't lose them.

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